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Woodland Gardens.

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Parrotiopsis Jacquemontiana

Rare Yellow Hydrangea from China

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The Gardens

Situated on the temperate east coast of the North Island of New Zealand, the garden is almost frost free, under the high shelter of large trees we can grow such plants as Luculia gratissima, cymbidium orchids, vireya rhododendrons, jacaranda mimosifolia!

The gardens contain plants from such diverse habitats as the Himalayan high mountains to the semi tropical climes of Mexico and Brasil. The range of trees, both evergreen and decidous is very wide. Part of the garden is in indigenous flora with eventual forest giants now heading through the original nurse ­ crop cover of Kunzea ericioides.

The seasons are well marked at Trelinnoe by the deciduous trees that in our climate, give spectacular autumn colours. In the winter the tracery of bare branches against the sky have great beauty. The trunks of selected trees show themselves particularly in winter, such as many forms of Betula, Acer, Amomyrtus, Stuartia.

Our large collection of Magnolia start to open their blooms in late June. The many Camelias particularly Camelia Reticulata brighten the winter days.

Our wide collection of Rhododendron , Azalea, Cornus build a climax of colour in the spring.


 The Rockery
 Stillwater Green


 Mexican Handtree
 Himalyan Lily


 East Walk
 Dark Water


 Daffodil Vista